Pancreatic Cancer Stages

Stage is a term utilized in malignant growth treatment to depict the degree of the disease's spread. The phases of pancreatic malignant growth are utilized to manage treatment. 

Stage 0: No spread. Pancreatic malignant growth is constrained to top layers of cells in the pipes of the pancreas. The pancreatic malignant growth isn't obvious on imaging tests or even to the unaided eye. 

Stage I: Local development. Pancreatic malignant growth is constrained to the pancreas, yet has become to under 2 centimeters crosswise over (arrange IA) or more prominent than 2 however close to 4 centimeters (organize IB). 

Stage II: Local spread. Pancreatic malignant growth is more than 4 centimeters and is either restricted to the pancreas or there is neighborhood spread where the disease has become outside of the pancreas, or has spread to close by lymph hubs. It has not spread to inaccessible locales. 

Stage III: Wider spread. The tumor may have ventured into close by significant veins or nerves, however has not metastasized to remove destinations. 

Stage IV: Confirmed spread. Pancreatic malignant growth has spread to remove organs.

  • Resectable
  • Borderline resectable
  • Locally advanced
  • Metastatic
  • TNM Staging System
  • Tumor
  • Node
  • Metastasis
  • Cancer stage grouping

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